13 July 2006

Graffiti 1

Graffiti 1
Originally uploaded by fourthography.
The first in what will be a series of Graffiti and billboard posters. This image is one of the many which seem to adorn lane ways in Melbourne. In terms of graphitti, this is an unusual image, not the usual script or style, I tend to see this as street art, which luckely got missed when the Victorian Government desided to get rid of all the street art for the Commonweath Games. Actually, concidering this mandate, there was little evidence of the Government removing Street art at all.


Chris said...

This is really good. I must say I do quite enjoy seeing well done street art. I do however dislike the general run of the mill graffiti that seems to pollute most towns and cities in the World these days.

fourth said...

Indeed which is why this series will be about "street art" as opposed to "graphitti". People painting on the streets will also be included I think.