11 April 2007

Coloured Alley

Coloured Alley
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This is a pretty interesting image. In truth, I was not expecting it to turn out the way it did it terms of of its colour. I had set a low temp on the WB in order to make the night sky darker on a long exposure. The end result was a rather spectacularly coloured, and surreal image. There were two light sources (street lights) shining behind me; one on each wall giving each wall its own unique light and colour tone. Give that colour of the image which first captures your attention, it is also an image about depth and darkness. The lit window on the right both adds a sense of depth as well as balancing out the colour tones from the two walls. The lights in the background extend this level of depth to the eyes visable distance. The other thing I really like about this image is the darkness and the fact that while its is pitch black, you can still see through it. This was a long exposure photograph at 10 seconds it was going to be bright (I live near the CBD so light and brightness are always a factor) this was the reason I set the low temp on the WB as it would counter the brightness of the city sky line. All in all, an unexpected result that I am more than happy with.
for those wanting EXIF data, there isn't any. Converting the RAW 16 bit image means that I have to copy the image to a new 8 bit templet which does not have the data. I prefer working in 16 bit data as you have more contol over image quality than you do with the 8 bit jpg. I can how ever give the EXIF data from the original file.
10 sec Exposure at f/3.5 ISO 100

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Ted Byrne said...

There's cinematic quality to this which seems to invoke some of the ideas of Brian De Palma. The darkened house tickles my imagination wondering if someone sits within that murk peering out ... or into the blinds of his neighbor in blue. Or simply waiting someone to come into this darkness. This seems the sort of an obscure alleyway which inevitably offers up a body. The mystery is palpable.

Civilization never seems to entirely dominate its alleys.

Thanks for sharing,