21 April 2007

Industrial Sunset

Industrial Sunset
Originally uploaded by fourthography.
This is a image I really like. I used a filter to enhance the colour and it ended up giving a rather spectacular sunset view. The other thing I like about this image is the fact that I managed to have a good depth of light within the the silhouette of the building and the figures walking.

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John DeMott said...

Hi Nigel,
I was reading your response to the Industrial Darkness post on RV and decided to click the link. Obviously, this is a different view of the same scene. Nice composition. I almost missed the figures in the darkness

I like the color treatment here very much, but even having seen it, I'm not sure what color would look like on the Industrial Darkness shot.

John DeMott

fourth said...

Hello John, yes it is the same spot. The light is really good there and the sun is just in the right spot to capture something a little different. The Industrial Darkness shot in colour is a little lighter on the colour but works just as well.

Ted Byrne said...

Wonderful palette generating a mood that evokes a shimmery alto saxophone in its lower registers. So many urban twilight skylineshots are either gritty or play off of the emerging man-made lights. Here you have allowed your sky to paint an almost geometric study in shapes.

Thanks for sharing,