06 April 2007

Golden Streets

Golden Streets
Originally uploaded by fourthography.
On an amazing twilight night which gave out some truly amazing golden light. I captured this image of the Palais Theatre in St Kilda. I love images which seem to emerge out of the darkness. Images which let you explore areas which at first seem dark and bland but mange to hold more depth the more you look at it. This is one those images. Indeed, it is an image which reminds me a lot of David Lynch, it is certainly one I am happy with.

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Ted Byrne said...

Your work shows both a fascination for, and a mastery of those instants between day and night. And you appear to find in them a mystery which is wonderfully ambiguous. And all mysteries aren't ambiguous. This could be quite dark, yet not giving up its secrets, or beautifully sprightly at twilight, and still not telling us the motivation for its optimsim.

But here you tease us with the shadows that bathe a retro theater, and the glows which might announce merely the relaxation of the muscles of a delightful day.

Or, both...

I love it!

Thanks for sharing...